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Diverse Learning Environments


Pragjyotish Sr. Sec. School believes in holistic learning approach by giving equal importance to scholastics and co scholastic areas. Our curriculum in scholastic areas is based on core subjects and we focus on providing not  just knowledge, but also on the development of concepts, skills and ideas.

Our multidimensional academic programs help students feel free from conventional boundaries of schooling, allowing them to learn deeply from many perspectives.

By stretching beyond traditional academic pathways, we help students grow intellectually and creatively, expanding their problem-solving capabilities, and making them prepared to affect a complex world. Our rigorous academic approach goes beyond developing scholarly knowledge to help the child uncover and actualize their passion and vision.

Ultimately, which will forge a unique path that will forever change the way our students investigate and create throughout their life.

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The Academic Year starts from April and ends in March of the preceding year. School is generally off for two long vacations other than few short vacations which results in a total of around 6 to 7 Weeks of holidays.

The school follows the curriculum as designed by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and prepares students for the All India Secondary School Examination and the All India Senior School Certificate Examination.


Graded courses of study, spread over a period of fourteen  years, are prescribed, from the Kindergarten to the Higher Secondary Classes. The Medium of instruction is English. At the second language level, the school offers Hindi and Assamese.

Beyond Books

 Equal attention is given to the development of the body, mind and spirit. Consequently, teachers provide students with the individual attention necessary to help them achieve their goals. Moreover, teachers know, motivate and understand their pupils and have a deep knowledge of their subject.

Records of progress are shared periodically with parents. An extensive academic programme is planned and reviewed periodically ensuring that all classes achieve consistently high results. Classes are interactive and students learn in very stimulating and motivating ways.

Our School has well equipped laboratories for Science, Computer, Maths etc. and also creative, collaborative spaces that extend academic exploration and creative development beyond the classroom. Students work under the guidance of our faculty to develop deep practical knowledge and application in daily life that challenges traditional approaches to problems and their solutions.

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